Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Terrain Mats

Bought some terrain mats last week from the guys at Playmats.eu been looking at getting some for a while so thought id treat myself. went for a 3x3 and a 6x3 mats. went for Desert and Grassland for them both.
it came well packed so that was good.
upon opening the box there was two mat rolls.
the smaller 3x3 mat rolled out feels nice and thick and good quality. I'll get some figures on it later and take some photos.

Sunday, 27 December 2020

1990 Iraqi Infantry

I painted these up Christmas Day but didnt post Some 20mm Iraqi Republican Guard Infantry.
Also Christmas day I started some East German Motor Rifle infantry, Also in 20mm the East German wore a light brown (khaki) uniform with dark stripes through it it would be hard to paint this in 20mmso ive just gone with a khaki colour (then itll get a wash later)

10mm Pendraken Dwarves and Elves

found these figures while tidying up some boxes I brought back from UK. didnt realise what I had so after an hours searching various sites went onto Pendrakens and they were there! i must admit i dont remember buying them. But a quick paint job and basing (need to put some flock and tufts) on them then theyre finished.

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Afghansty 6mm

After picking up the Hind and Seek Rules. I needed some figures and vehicles to play with.
A selection of vehicles i have some trucks on road with a few BTR's as escort vehicles.
A Bns worth of BTRs in the Desert and some T62's also in the desert
Now i need to build some villages, and make some hills, and mountains. Also need to finish off some Hinds and Hips.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

New Rules

I received some new rules sets this week. The first set are called Cornered wolf. These rules are about the Russian Chechen wars in the early 90's and late 2000's.
this game will be with 20mm Figures. i've already got a few based, and ready to be painted. The next rules are Hind and seek about the Russian Afghan war.
these rules will be mainly for 6mm miniatures and vehicles. Again I already have a lot of the miniatures painted and based for this game. these are the figures from Magister Militum (1/285th). These will be married up with H&R vehicles and Helicopters.

Sunday, 1 November 2020