Saturday 18 September 2021

New delivery from the postman today

On the Wargames Website Angel Barracks has started to do G/W's Warhammer in 10mm. Today the postman delivered my first steps into 10mm Warhammer.

Thursday 2 September 2021

80th Anniversary Stalingrad1942-2022

Been looking at more information about Stalingrad. As I said ill be looking at the 369th Croatian reinforced Infantry Regiment. During the battles outside and inside Stalingrad they were attat hed to the 100th Jager Division. The 369th was spread out within the Divisional units so never got to fight as a unified unit. The unit fought to capture the Red October Steel works and also the Mamayev Hill.
The General position during the battle.
Another General View of the Battlefield.
A closer biew of the situation around the Red October Steel Works. 100th Jager Division can be seen at the bottom of the battlemap.
A more in depth view of the battleground over which the 100th Jager Division and the 369th Fought.

Tuesday 31 August 2021

80 year Anniversary

Sat reading the Pendraken Forum. One post caught my eye about the 80th Anniversary about some Naval Battles fought in 1942 in the Far East. This got me thinking (not really into Naval Battles) but I know there was plenty of fighting in 1942 especialy on the eastern Front. So a quick delve into the books and lo and behold Operation Case Blue took up most of the fighting from June 28th 1942 to November 24th 1942. So time to get the books out and start watching a few films. One unit that has already piqued my interest is the 369 Croatian Reinforced Infantry Regiment. This unit was attached to the 100th Jager Division during Stalingrad fighting at the Red October Factory and the Mamayev Hill. Ill post some pictures later.

Sunday 22 August 2021

New Recruits

just had some new recruits delivered today. 2 packs of Dwarf Warriors, 1 pack of Rangers,6 packs of Orcs,2 packs of Orc Archers ,1 pack A piece of Orc Wolf Riders, Giant Wolves and Trolls. all to be painted up for my Orc/Dwarven Wars. these fogures are From Copolestone castings and are really good.
Also new in s some resin figures from a German company called Excellent Miniatures these are printed but seem to hold thier details after been painted. Ill try and get some close up shots after I've painted them. these are also Dwarves with a few Orcs to try them out. I've also bought a beast to try out as a proxie Balrog.

Tuesday 29 December 2020

Terrain Mats

Bought some terrain mats last week from the guys at been looking at getting some for a while so thought id treat myself. went for a 3x3 and a 6x3 mats. went for Desert and Grassland for them both.
it came well packed so that was good.
upon opening the box there was two mat rolls.
the smaller 3x3 mat rolled out feels nice and thick and good quality. I'll get some figures on it later and take some photos.

Sunday 27 December 2020

1990 Iraqi Infantry

I painted these up Christmas Day but didnt post Some 20mm Iraqi Republican Guard Infantry.
Also Christmas day I started some East German Motor Rifle infantry, Also in 20mm the East German wore a light brown (khaki) uniform with dark stripes through it it would be hard to paint this in 20mmso ive just gone with a khaki colour (then itll get a wash later)

10mm Pendraken Dwarves and Elves

found these figures while tidying up some boxes I brought back from UK. didnt realise what I had so after an hours searching various sites went onto Pendrakens and they were there! i must admit i dont remember buying them. But a quick paint job and basing (need to put some flock and tufts) on them then theyre finished.