Sunday, 20 July 2014

I decided I wanted to do an early war Falschirnjaeger Bn for when I do Operation Sealion. This is my initial shopping list I started off small with just one Bn.
This is still to much I have plenty of officers left and MP40's as NCO's but these will help me flesh out my next Bn.

The initial buy these are all pendraken miniatures

The whole lot laid out

The various units to the Bn.
HQ element I glued this with 4 figures instead.
Two of the jaeger companies

See below the finished glued on falschirmjaeger Bn.
Support elements 3 MG 42's and 3 mortars with a spotter element

Crisis point 2014
At the moment I'm working as a contractor in Bavaria for the US Army.
Here's a photo of the church in my Village.
This has the same type of Dome as the one in Schwandorf hope this helps richard.