Monday, 26 August 2013

Not Tyrannid FWC Army

These are to fight the not Cadians. Again sorry for the photo's.
 85 smaller bases with 2 figs per base.

Not Cadian 6mm FWC Infantry

Here are the infantry elements for my FWC not Cadian Army.
 These are from Dark Realm Miniatures 9 infantry elements a HQ element and 2 Sniper/Recce elements per unit.
                                                      A close up of an infantry unit.

The Enemy for my Rohirrim.
The full Orc Army

This should of been posted last night but didn't post so here are the full (as yet) Rohirrim cavalry
Again sorry for the crappy picture.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Another week over. This weekend I've mostly been working on my FWC not Cadian and not Tyrannid armies but these aren't finished yet so I've got some pictures of another interest of mine 10mm Lord of the Rings these are from the excellent Copplestone castings. Sorry about the pictures but these were taken from my Ipad.
Rohirrim Cavalry

Gandalf the grey on horseback


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hi again
As well as renovating my house in Wales I've slowly been making more bases for my 6mm Battlegroups. I've also nearly finished both of my Soviet/Mujahideen groups.
New bases just done over 60 of them

Soviet Airborne unit