Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Just a quick taster of my 10mm Lord of the Rings Armies. These are a long term project of mine trying to fit it in between the other Scales/Periods I paint so has been going a few years. Just noticed that a few of them are missing in these photos (witch king of Angmar on his fell beast for one.

                                                         Battlegroup Piper/Wotan
Pendraken miniatures
After poring over the page below and Pendrakens catalogue I've come up with this list
The vehicles will be GR205 251/3 command vehicle,GR68a Panther, GR33 Pzr IV,GR93 251 Ambulance,GR47 251/7, GR81 Wirblewind,GR63 Mobelwagon,GR103 TigerII, GR201 Ostwind,GR49 251/1, GR88 251/9, GR38 Pak40, GR61 Maultier, GR10 Kubelwagon, GR233 Mercedes L4500, GR58 SDkfz 10/4,GR193 Sdkfz 7/1,GR109 120mm mortar, GR40a 105mm Howitzer.
Hopefully get some photos up soon.

Well after coming back from the Middle East and then travelling back to Bavaria.
I've been looking on my next big project. Looking on the Guild website has given me some inspiration. So I'll be trying this out next

This will be done in 10mm as usual using the Pendraken figures and vehicles I will do the infantry based individually for R/F and also for BKC.